DiabloSport Trinity Monitor & Tuner Dodge Neon SRT4
T1000 Dodge Neon SRT4 DiabloSport Trinity Monitor & Tuner
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Vehicle:  Dodge Neon SRT4
Note:Full Color Display; Touch Screeen; Preloaded Tunes; Automatic Online Updates. Logger & Monitor
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DiabloSport inTune Programmer
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Dodge Neon SRT4

Dodge Neon SRT4



The Trinity is one of the most advanced devices of its kind, featuring full Reflash/Reprogram capability, Advanced Data Acquisition, and Customizable Gauges - all displayed and controlled on a color touch screen and housed in a slim, custom-styled, easy to use device. As our flagship device, it is the only single handheld device on the market that comes preloaded with tunes for gasoline and diesel vehicles from Ford, GM, and Dodge, all under one part number. In addition to the extensive tuning support, it's loaded with other features like the programmable shift lights, gauge display, virtual drag strip, and data logging. Combine all this with full support for custom tuning in gasoline, and it could be the last tuner you'll ever need for your Dodge Neon SRT4!

Product Features:
  • Comes pre-loaded with multiple tunes for your vehicle including Economy, Factory, Performance, Towing, Extreme, CAI Tunes, Pulley Tunes, and many more (tune selection may vary from vehicle to vehicle)
  • Built in Diagnostic Tool-save hundreds in dealership charges reading and clearing your own trouble codes (check engine lights)
  • With over 100MB of onboard memory log/record hours of data
  • Virtual Gauges-customize your own gauge layout
  • View and record dozens of gauges at once
  • Tune multiple supported vehicles (only 1 at a time)
  • Supports custom tuning-accepts up to 5 additonal custom tunes
  • The most adjustable parameters on the market including speed limiter, tire sizes and many more!
  • Virtual Dragstrip-computes 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, 0-60, and 0-100 track times. Option to start from a reaction tree or once accelerator is engaged
  • Analog input/output to control external devices such as the DiabloSport Extreme PowerPuck and DiabloSport EGT Module
  • Set up your own gauge alarms/shift lights using the Trinity's LED lights
  • Control the Extreme PowerPuck's power levels using the Trinity's interface
  • High Resolution 320240 Full Color Touch Screen

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