Injen Cold Air Intake Chevrolet Cobalt
SP7027P, SP7027BLK Chevrolet Cobalt Injen Cold Air Intake
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08-09 SS 2.0T

SP7027P, SP7027BLK
Vehicle:  Chevrolet Cobalt
Note:15hp/14ft.lbs Gain; w/ MR Technology


Injen Cold Air Intake
Injen Cold Air Intake
K&N 69 Series Typhoon Intake Kit
AEM Cold Air Intake
SP7024P, SP7024BLK
Chevrolet Cobalt
05-06 L4 2.2L w/out Air Pump; 07 SS 2.4L w/out Air Pump

SP7026P, SP7026BLK
Chevrolet Cobalt
05-06 SS w/ 2.0L Supercharged

Chevrolet Cobalt
06-07 SS 2.4L

Chevrolet Cobalt
05-07 SS 2.0L Supercharged



Injen cold air intake for Chevrolet Cobalt offers a unique MR Technology and Air Fusion. Injens' MR Technology is based on their extensive experience in cold air induction, and provides the best power gains with optimal filter location on Chevrolet Cobalt while maintaining a safe A/R ratio. Air Fusion is another Injen's patent-pending technology that stabilizes short- and long-term fuel trim levels to make sure the engine in your car runs smoothly. SP-series air intakes are offered in both cold air and short ram intake configurations. AMSOIL Dry nano-fiber performance filters offer a hassle-free maintenance and best filtration and air flow on the market, while air intake horns smooth out air turbulence and speed up air intake. Injen SP-Series cold air intake system has been specifically designed for your Chevrolet Cobalt with power gains backed by extensive dyno sessions, which makes it one of the best air intakes systems on the market.

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