Quaife ATB Helical LSD Differential Acura Integra GSR DC2 (94-01)
QDF6U Acura Integra GSR DC2 (94-01) Quaife ATB Helical LSD Differential
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94-00 B18C1
Vehicle:  Acura Integra GSR DC2 (94-01)
Note:Corus Steel Billet; CNC Machined
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Driveshaft Shop Level 2.9 Axles
Driveshaft Shop Level 2.9 Axles
RA3995X2, RA4000X2
Acura Integra GSR DC2 (94-01)
RA4001X2, RA4004X2
Acura Integra GSR DC2 (94-01)
w/ K-Series Swap



Backed with the peace of mind of a lifetime warranty, the Quaife ATB helical gear limited slip differential is fully automatic and progressive in operation and unlike plate style units the Quaife ATB never locks, but seamlessly and smooth transfers power and torque away from a spinning wheel to the wheel enjoying the most traction.

In practice this significantly reduces torque steer, understeer and steering 'snatch' in front wheel drive applications compared to a plate style limited slip differential. On the road and track this translates into reduced wheelspin and torque steer, less understeer during cornering and improved straight line acceleration. On the track the Quaife ATB cuts lap times dramatically and improves standing quarter performance.

Perfectly suited to high power front drive cars, but equally at home in rear and four wheel drive vehicles, the Quaife ATB helical gear limited slip differential is a direct replacement for the original factory 'open' unit and requires no special oils or servicing.


Technical Specs
Shows dimensions and technical specifications of ATB Helical LSD differential on Acura Integra GSR DC2 94-01

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