Tokico HP Shocks Subaru WRX (02-03)
multiple options Subaru WRX (02-03) Tokico HP Shocks
100% Geniune New Tokico Product in Original Packaging
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Only Fits:  
02-03 WRX
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Front Left
Front Right
Rear Left (+$-0.16)
Rear Right (+$-0.16)
Vehicle:  Subaru WRX (02-03)
Note:Non Adjustable; Blue Shocks; Sold Individually


The famous ''Blue Shocks,'' Tokico HP Series continues to be the overwhelming choice of performance enthusiasts looking for the best in overall handling and ride quality. Not all shocks and struts are created equal. Tokico Performance shocks have many features that are unique in their design, and the source of their reputation as a premium shock absorber.

The HP Series typifes TOKICO damping philosophy and valving fexibility. By minimizing low-speed damping force and greatly increasing damping at medium and high piston speeds, HP shocks and struts optimize tire adhesion, handling precision and ride composure.

The heart of Tokico HP Series is its unique piston design. A multi-stage variable-aperture valve system features precise orifice control, creating the unique flexibility and accuracy of its damping response. The oil lubricant is also specially compounded to resist breakdown and minimize viscosity change as temperatures vary. A superior performance and traction upgrade with virtually no compromise in ride quality, Tokico HP Series shocks and struts are also an ideal upgrade for vehicles with lowering springs and larger, heavier aftermarket wheels.

  • Precision Construction
    Pressure tube is mandrel-drawn twice to ensure precise dimensional tolerances and concentricity, for excellent sealing and minimal dynamic friction (drag).
  • Reduced Friction
    Teflon coated piston rod guide minimizes dynamic friction and extends piston-rod life.
  • Piston Quality
    Piston rod is hardened, chrome-plated and micro-polished, for smooth operation and contributing to long seal life.

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