Turbo XS Catback Exhaust System Subaru WRX Wagon 08-10


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Piping Diameter - 3in

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The TurboXS catback is a perfect complement to our Cold Air Intake (WS08-CAI). Once you have opened up the airway for your beast to breathe you have to improve the way to the exhaust gases escape. What better way to do so than with our stainless Steel 3 inch mandrel bent catback system? We had our engineers start from scratch on a new muffler specifically for the 2008 that flows very well and does a great job of making the WRX sound it's best. From start up to redline the unique tone matches the refined look of the 2008 WRX.



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Turbo XS Catback Exhaust System
Piping Diameter - 3in
Subaru WRX Wagon 08-10
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Turbo XS Catback Exhaust, Great Buy!
*Caution* This review will be long so please bear with me for those with a definite interest in this great product and in 2008-2010 wrx exhaust models. I drive a 2009 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport 2.5i and I originally deliberated about buying this exhaust in comparison with products from other carriers such as Perrin, Invidia, Tsudo and Borla. However, the deal breaker that made me go for this exhaust was first and foremost it's affordability and professional styling. Going with a straight through design in the 3inch piping running down the length of the vehicle you know from the get go that this exhaust will get you the performance boosts you want along with that deafening suby rumble that subaru enthusiasts live for. With the essentially "straight pipe" design this exhaust has I knew that it not only would maximize it's capability in horsepower gains but give me the that definite subaru rumble that I've always wanted from my 2.5 liter engine. I use my suby as my daily and the exhaust has proven to be both a rush and noticeable enhancement as I've seen a definite increase in horsepower and torque levels (waiting on doing a dyno soon) as well as a faster response time on immediate acceleration. The best part of this exhaust is that it is barely over the $500 range. Nearly 100 to 400 dollars cheaper than some of its similar competitors and trust me you won't be regretting any penny of it for a second. Now the interesting thing is that I actually don't have a WRX nor a turbo on my subaru for that matter, so you're probably wondering how did I put this exhaust on a naturally aspirated 2.5 liter engine? Simple, the 2008-2010 subaru wrx models run the same exhaust set up from the down pipe to the catback as do non-turbo, N/A Impreza models from 2008-2010. So in other words, if you're not planning on installing a turbo back exhaust, the fitment will be nearly exactly the same. Of course the guys at Custom Cars Central did give me a courteous follow up call following my purchase because of the apparent incompatibility between my vehicle and the turboxs exhaust designed for 08-10 wrx's. Something that I'm certainly grateful for, but there was actually nothing to worry about. I've had my car for 3 years now and done as much research about my car as the next guy and determined that any 2008-2010 wrx exhaust will fit the non-turbo impreza versions as well. I was also running a 2008 wrx perrin axle back exhaust before I bought and installed this exhaust and let me tell you the difference was night and day. For those of you who are only running an axle back exhaust like I used to on your suby, or are still running bone-stock for that matter need to get that switched out asap. The gains you will see after leaving the stock set up will be life changing as a driver. For one, the stock exhausts on 2008-2010 N/A exhaust models are severely constricted with 2.5 inch piping running from the down pipe to an EXCESSIVELY large resonator and continues with some more 2.5 inch piping that ends with a steel drum of an exhaust. Once these are replaced with an after market catback system such as the turbo xs, you will notice first hand just how much you were missing out before you got one of these puppies. The install itself for this exhaust was pretty simple and straight forward, just remember to take off the entire stock exhaust first and store for future use, WD-40 the rust off all the bolt sockets, hangers and screws and attach the new exhaust, in this case the turbo xs, segment by segment. Now I recommend the install to be done in segments because that way you can make small adjustments and tweaks to how the new exhaust sits below car's frame and for the best fitment. I used regular hand tools out of a tool box and a basic hand jack and jack stand I got from my local auto parts store. Anybody with a pound of muscle and even less for brains can accomplish this install, it's that easy. The complete install took me less than 2 hours and this is without help. If there was one thing I'd say Turbo XS could have done to make this exhaust better would be to have the exhaust sit a littler lower to avoid hitting the heat shield during runs over pot holes and speed bumps. Other than that the Turbo XS Catback System for the 2008-2010 Subaru WRX Hatch is the best product for the money you'll find on the market right now. So stop reading this now and buy yours today!
Pros: Lightweight,Improves Down Force,Easy To Install,Durable,Attractive Design.
Cons: -
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